Southern part of the world's continent. At the mountain peak, where was national border with Io, there was a waterfall that was considered sacred for spirits.

This was unexplored region known as [Great waterfall Gracial Fall].

Massive number of spirits were inhabiting this place, which served as a base from where they would gather to invade human cities.

And this spirits' controlled territory was...

Burned down.

Mountain slope what carried waters of the Great Waterfall, as if it was melted magma, was flowing down, with noise and buzz running down together with the water stream, getting vaporized into white smoke by a blazing flames.

There was a single beast man.

The spirits' den was able to repel attacks of human army ten thousands strong, yet now it was trampled down by the single cryptid.

"Rikugen Kyouko, that was magnificent way to fly off, don't you think?"

The lone beast man.

Beast man, whose fur reminded of blazing flame, looked around in satisfaction. Water and fire. Countless number of fire sparks and water splashes flew around with the great waterfall as a background...

"One... Two..."

Pointing to one by one to count them all.

And what was being counted is a group deep blue mucus near the area around the beast man. Like pieces of meat torn from the animal.

This group of mucus belonged to the spirits' hero.

TL TODO: I don't get this phrase completely 原形を留めないという言葉に、これほど相応しい状況はないだろう。

The best way to describe this situation would be simply put they were unable to return to the original form. As this bunch of blue mucus were crawling over the ground, they were hoping once again join together.

And they were...

Destroyed by the drake's fire breath from the above, completely evaporating them.

"470... And with this 471?"

There was only one last piece left.

Beast man, Fang King Rath=IE, picked up the last remnants at his foot.

TL Note: I have no idea what sort of sound is じゅぅ

Sound of something burning.

Last mucus left on Rath=IE's palm vanished as if melted. He was looking at it's last moment with a grin.


"...Ain't some amiss?"

He suddenly changed.

His sharp fangs peeked out of the corners of his mouth, and crimson beast man burst out horrible laughing.

"Your smell scattered all over the place when you exploded your own body. Diverting my sense of smell, preventing my pursuit, all the while letting your core to escape alone. Is that possible? Or impossible? ...Ah, how troublesome. Was all of it planned for this single chance?"

He turned towards the great waterfall.

Fire waterfall was connected to a large river far down in the great wetlands. And that river was reaching a [certain place] in the Yurun.

"Could it be you went there?"

Cryptids' hero stood at the peak.

Fang King Rath=IE's monologue didn't stop. Almost as if talking to himself.

"Perhaps you sensed it? ...Weird though. Even if you're one of the four heroes you were not supposed to notice it. What do you think?"

Addressing a grotesque monster, standing nearby...

It was the rasterizer.

Which was being petted with affection despite being of a far different from cryptids race.

"Change of plans. I was about to grab this country, but let's go home. Just in case you should await at that place."

Rasterizer sunk into a rock itself.

And looking at it...

"Did you vanish? Or are you still alive? Indeed, Rikugen Kyouko, you're surprisingly handful. As expected of spirits' sage. You're even more troublesome than I anticipated."

Then crimson beast man vanished to somewhere without any trace.