Io Federation. Southern ancient forest, popular name is [Elven Forest]. Home to sidhes who consisted of four races: elves, angels, dwarfs and fairies. But for humans it was for the most part one gigantic unexplored region.

Thanks to Io Resistance persistence, little by little the information on forest became spread. Discovery of elven traps. Forest's roads which were presumed to be made by dwarfs. Confirmation of fairies passing by via cameras. With just few more years, maybe at least no more than 10 years, humans would barging into forest's depths. But - that was trap of sidhes.

[Farewell, Your Majesty.]

[Qubiley!?... You....!]

Both Io Resistance Commander and his subordinates fell into teleportation trap within forest. It transferred them deep into forest, where poisonous plants were growing. As soon as they breathed in poisonous air, they lost their consciousness. Catching the core forces of Resistance should ensure sidhes dominance over Io Federation. There should no one to threaten them any longer. ...This is what supposed to happen. But at that day surprise awaited not only humans. Something beyond sidhes expectations were happening at the same day.

"We are no longer necessary!? Please wait a moment, Alfreyja-dono... What is meaning of this...!"

Angel palace. It was place deep into ancient forest, which stood on top of ancient tree, that was towering above heavens itself.

"I mean it as I said it."

She was elven elder. The girl was the one who represented her kind and also belonged to hero rank. She beautifully fallen onto pure white floor.

"Our co-existence ends here. It is not only you. Dwarfs and fairies too are judged as filthy and inferior races."

Answered angel with six enormous wings. Heaven Lord Alfreyja - the leader of angels and archangel who took a name of sidhes hero upon. Great hero, with long hair of flax colour, solemnly told her while standing by altar.

"This country, this world belong to angel's domain. This is not a place where you belong."

"...Alfreyja-dono, did you lose your mind?"

Elf who was unable to rise, glared at standing in front of her angel. There was one more figure, besides Heaven Lord Alfreyja was standing bizarre monster.


Elven elder, who was girl with bright like moonlight hair, was bleeding from her mouth with emerald blood.

"What is this thing standing besides you? Your words... I cannot believe these are your real thoughts!"

Bizarre monster, which looked like brutally ravaged doll, was standing there. It's body, despite being partly damaged, appeared to look like that of girl of another race. With human-like appearance, it had tentacle on it's right shoulder that resembled a snake. And on it's back were growing skeleton wings. It wasn't a normal living being. Elven elder sensed that this being didn't have smell of living being. This monster felt like [death] itself.

"What is this... this... bizarre monster!"

"You don't need to know."

Heaven Lord Alfreyja made chilly declaration.

"This very moment I shall cut all our relations with inferior species. For all eternity."

Elven scream echoed through the angel palace.