A red land. In this desert filled with stone and pebbles, there are no signs of animals. And in this harsh land, where only few brushes and grass could grow, a gun truck had its stop. The truck has been covered in think armour and carried impressive looking auto-cannon

"2PM, right on schedule"

From the back of truck, a lone soldier descended, Kai Sakuravent, and took out his binoculars. His age was 17. It is a young man whose hair and eyes had colour of dark ultramarine. He was wearing a "mankind defence agency" battle suit. Forged by daily training he gave off aura of certain strength, and you could feel strong will in his eyes.

"Saki and you too Ashlan, we are starting graveyard's monitoring"

With his binoculars Kai could see a strange structure standing beyond horizon. Black pyramid. As if made by precise machine, perfect triangular pyramid. This black, as if painted by ink, object stood out among red desert.

"Situation is..."

"Nothing as usual"

From inside of truck, on a passenger seat, a young man, with clipboard on his knees, lazily answered. His name is Ashlan Highrol Year older than Kai, and also soldier as Kai.

"Just nothingness, right, Kai?"

"Only 70 seconds passed, graveyard's observation procedure requires 300 seconds"

The graveyard is what they call this black pyramid. The target of Kai's diligent observation has been 200 meters tall, which was comparable to modern skyscraper buildings.

"There is really nothing, isn't? 300 seconds should already pass, right?"

"Only 170 passed"

"Ah... damn, isn't it more than enough already? I got carsick from all this shaking, and want to return already"

Ashlan, who already wrote down "Nothing out of order" in report and lazily laid in passenger seat. Kai, on other hand, shows no sign of lowering his binoculars.

"300 seconds"

"Ugh... As usual so serious..."

"Reporting: no sight of abnormalities in Urza Federation's graveyard. Demons are still sealed up as usual"


Ashlan made a deep sigh and from his passenger seat turned to a person on driver seat.

"Hey, Saki, can you say something to him too? Yesterday, and today everything is fine. And pretty sure tomorrow will be the same"

"Hm?" Orange haired girl by the name Saki raised herself from the seat. While chewing her favourite gum, she was leaning against driver's wheel in relaxed pose.

"Isn't it fine? While Kai doing his work seriously, we can take it easy."

"I mean there should be limit! It is been like a hundred years, hundred! Was there even record of any, among four races, to escape the seal?"



"And to prevent that, we're continuing our observation"

"...Fair enough, but aren't you also too inflexible?" - said Saki, while getting herself new gum to chew - "Doing it diligently only in our area is not enough, right? There are four graveyards after all"

"Obviously 3 other places are being properly handled too" - Kai stated as if it is obvious thing and started moving toward truck - "We have great responsibility, after all, it will become a disaster if by some tiny chance demons would escape."

There are four black pyramids in this world. These buildings are so called graveyard, where mankind imprisoned other races against whom they once fought.

Wielders of strong magic, Demon race.

Powerful demi-humans, like angels, elves and dwarves, Sidhes race.

Ghost-like, Spirit race.

Enormous and powerful beasts, with dragons being at top, Cryptid race.

No human logic could comprehend the might of four races, and so mankind cowered in fear before their strength. But 100 years ago a turning point in mankind's history happened, from which humans could finally fight back. With humans joining the other four races, the greatest conflict in history started, Five Races Great War. After all battles, mankind was able successfully seal away four other races in black pyramids, Graveyards. Since then, mankind continued to diligently manage graveyards.

"That's right, Kai, I almost forgot about very important matter" - Saki, who is been in driver's seat, turned towards him - "We got party on next week, to celebrate Jeanne's promotion. And we need to discuss present..."

"Sorry, We're in the middle of mission right now, save it for later"

"...Eh? There is nothing going on anyway, it is fine, isn't it?" - Saki raised her voice in protest.

Nearby Ashlan just sat at passenger's seat, bewildered by Kai. So-called "World peace" is a common perception of current era. It is impossible for four races to escape from graveyard... It wasn't opinion of only Saki and Ashlan. Most, if not all, young people who were conscripted for two years military service shared the same opinion. Almost no one doubted it. And then there are some rare cases of people, like Kai, who rejected such ideas.

"Even if nothing is going to happen, I do not want to be negligent. Half of it might be coming from my stubbornness, though"

Both Saki and Ashlan are not just being negligent. Their logic is only sound in this case. After all, seal, that has been safe for hundred years, wouldn't collapse out of nowhere normally. But... For Kai there is a reason why he cannot help but worry about seal.

"Because I saw it"

10 years ago he fell into Demon's graveyard. And there, inside the black pyramid, Kai saw demons and that's why.

"Again this story? We heard it with Ashlan around 20 times by now."

"That's just your imagination, falling into graveyard and then escaping it? That's a den of demons, after all"

It is as Ashlan says, Kai too thinks that it is miracle that he was able to survive. He was attacked by countless demons and lost his consciousness. And after he woke up, he already was outside of graveyard. But there is no proof to support his claims.

Still, the sense of dread from these demons.

It cannot be just his delusion.

There is no way it was a dream. The horror he felt from these demons. Even if people around him disagrees, a scenario, where demons tear apart seal and escape, is possible, or so Kai feels. Therefore they must be ready for demons counter attack. And so Kai, more than anyone else, diligently trained for past 10 years. Not sparing a moment for break from his training, even during meals or baths Kai would continue with image training in his head. And even his superiors were amazed by "Training maniac" Kai.

"At that time, Kai should've been around 7 or 8 years old. There is just single entrance to graveyard. For Kai to enter and fall into graveyard, with no soldier that standing guard to notice him would be strange, right?"

"Moreover, there are surveillance cameras. But, Kai, it didn't have any records of you, right?"

There are also no witness that could testify Kai's fall into graveyard. To be specific, all adults that were there at that time said: "Don't remember a thing".

"That's why, it is just a dream! A scary dream that you had as a kid! And, Kai, did you forget the face of our instructor when you were telling him it with all seriousness?"

"No, I remember it."

"Don't you agree?"

Saki nodded in agreement

"You must got it all wrong, Kai"

"Doesn't matter, it is not an excuse to neglect our duty to watch over the graveyard."

"Eeh...!?" - Both Ashlan and Saki wanted to scream

"Let's contact HQ. 2PM watch is over, there is no abnormalities with the graveyard."

Kai looked over the graveyard and said so, not even being slightly bothered by his colleagues.

Mankind Defence Agency

Anti non-human organization, that has been established after Five Races Great War, in case emergency related to non-human races to happen. For example, if incident would happen at graveyard. Or if someone among four races would escape and attack. Or if Five Races Great War to occur again. In preparations to such emergencies Mankind Defence Agency is working on creating necessary defences: from various highly destructive weapons to transport infrastructure. They work on it in all of the world countries steed. (Note: it is a bit unclear whether Agency replaced local governments or acts more like global force) And it even manages military forces. Each person is obliged to two year military training as soldier of Mankind Defence Agency Still it is quite old organization, and nowadays people that take military service seriously are mostly non-existing.

"Ah, I'm tired... Taking a break"

MDA training grounds. There, in its corner, Saki was sitting on the bench in her sportswear.

"We're against machine doll, you know!? Beating it would only hurt your own hands, and if you even fail to avoid its attack, you gonna get broken bones! There is no way I'm doing it, just no way!"


"Hey, Kai, are you listening?"

"It cannot be helped, Cryptids are like that, after all"

In front of Kai was 3 meters tall machine that imitates Dragon. If by any chance Cryptids would escape from graveyard. For that reason there is such training, but. Most people supported Saki's opinion that is is useless. After all there is no way to beat them. According to Great War records, the strongest among Cryptids Dragons couldn't even be scratched by tank's weapons.

"True, it might be futile to even try"

Contrary to his own words, Kai slips under machine dragon's feet.

"Wait, Kai!?" - Saki screams

If he'd get trampled at this moment, he would definitely get his body bones completely broken. Yet despite the risk, Kai faced the thick, as log, foot and using his whole body... Tried a ramming attack. Fourth World Fighting Arts. Adopted by MDA technique to be used against non-human races. But, Kai's attack didn't even budge robotic dragon an inch.

"...Failed, huh?"

"What are you doing, Kai!? Under its weight you'd get crushed completely! In first place we're not even supposed to use machines of Cryptid type without instructors to watch us..."

"There is no meaning to it without a resolve."

"...Oh no, Kai, I think you've been born at wrong times."

She had a bitter smile on her face while drinking a bottle water. Half of it was amazement at him, but another hand it was almost as if seeing a rare animal in Zoo.

"Ashlan, don't you agree with me?"

"...D.on't talk... to me... My wounds... are really... killing me"

Behind Saki's bench was crouching and unmoving young man. He was fighting against different from Kai training doll, but got seriously kicked to his sides and no longer could get up.

"Well, leaving aside Ashlan. Even instructors are saying that if Kai would be born at time of Great War, maybe you'd leave mark on history instead of Sid."

"I don't really qualify to be a hero. It is just I don't want to slack off when it comes to training." - Kai looked at robotic dragon, and replied in his normal tone.

Hundred years ago. Various races: Demons, Sidhes, Cryptids and Spirits - were ruled by strongest among their kind. Each could has own title: Elder, Leader or Commander. But in human language there was a single way to refer to these mightiest: Four Heroes.

Demon's hero Dark Empress Vanessa

Sidhe's hero Heaven Lord Alfreyja

Cryptid's hero Fang King Rath=IE

Spirit's hero Spirit Sovereign Rikugen Kyouko

All four of them boasted unparalleled strength and therefore they led their race. But for humans, who were weakest, they were unstoppable obstacle. That was until the one who could stand against four of them has risen. The hero of mankind.

"Prophet Sid, huh?" - said Saki who were looking up at ceiling.

"Hero of mankind Prophet Sid, wielder of otherworldly shining fire sword. He defeated non-human races and sealed them away... Well, that's basically all we know about Sid."

"It is certain that a man by the name Sid existed hundred years ago. We even have his photo"

Photo of a man in robes. That was a photo of Prophet Sid. Kai already saw it multiple times.

"But you know, Kai, historians have doubts about Sid's legend." - said Saki with a shrug.

There was established theory that human hero Prophet Sid didn't even exist. His shining sword hasn't been found at the current moment. Moreover there are no records of his fight against four heroes.

"As far as we know there is no proof that Sid fought against four heroes of non-human races. There is no photo or video records of his fights. And even Sid's sword has never been found."


No proofs. Surprisingly similar to his own situation with fall into Demons graveyard. Even thought it is been a hundred years since then, it is still very strange that not even single image of his fight against four heroes remained. For that reason nowadays there are not many people who believe in Sid's legend.

"So, Kai, even if Sid did actually exist, it is likely that he wasn't really all that active for the mankind's hero. What do you think?"

"I had similar thoughts about it. But still..." - he said while wiping away sweat from his forehead - "Isn't it fine to let people dream?"

"Well, that's... Never mind, changing topic. Hey, Ashlan, wake up!"


Without even slight hint of mercy Saki kicked Ashlan

"We already started talking about it during a day, but what are we going to do about Jeanne's promotion? We don't really have much time to prepare a present"

"Huh? For promotion, wouldn't just bouquet of flowers suffice?" - said Ashlan who finally got up and sat on a bench.

"Something typical should be fine too, right?"

"No way we're going with it. Jeanne is scholarship student so she get flowers each year as part of official commendation. Hey, Kai, you too think flowers are not good, right?"


"Eh, hey Kai, are you listening?"

Kai, who turned his back toward Saki, heard notification from his communication device in his breast pocket.


Contact's name belonged to a girl, his childhood friend. Similarly to Saki and Ashlan, she was conscripted for military service.

"Hm? Jeanne? What's with her?"

"Hm... I got nothing, is this a message only for you, Kai?"

Both of them risen to try and take a peek at content of Jeanne's message on Kai's commendation device screen.

To Kai

Tomorrow you're off duty, right? Let's meet in front of cat's statue of 9th terminal at 10AM. But make sure to keep it a secret from both Saki and Ashlan, ok?


Even if she asked him to keep it a secret. How was he supposed to do it? There are already two curious people that are trying to approach Kai for a sneak peek.

"Kai, what Jeanne says?"

"Even I got nothing from her. That's suspicious: a secret from both me and Saki...? Hey, Kai, could it be you are into some forbidden relationships with Jeanne!?"

"Hold on" - said Kai and extended his hand to stop them.

"My bad, it seems that is not a message from Jeanne"

"Oh ho, is that so, Kai? Then just what was that ringtone?"

"Trying to lie to us so lamely. Could it be some sort of special message, Kai-kun?"

Saki is smirking, and Ashlan has a ghastly look on his face. Both were approaching Kai to take a look at his communication device.

"...Ah, by the way"

Kai tightly grasped his communication device and turned his back towards them. And he run at full speed.

"I haven't done any running today yet. Time to do my 10km course!"

"Oi, stop, you bastard!"

"Someone! Help us to catch and stop Kai! He is a criminal who wants to secretly conspire with Jeanne in some wicked scheme!"

"That's misunderstanding...! I only wanted to take my training seriously!"

Jeanne, please, don't use MDA's commendation device for private needs! So Kai shouted in his mind, while desperately trying to escape a chase from two of his colleagues.

Urza Federation - A highly developed country with it's capital in Urzak. It resides in northern part of continent. Once it has fallen under Demon invasion, led my demon hero, Dark Empress Vanessa. But it is a story of hundred years ago. With the victory in Five Races Great War, it has been re-taken by mankind.

"10AM. Guess Jeanne is going to be a hour later then?"

9th Terminal For Kai it takes around 15 minutes to reach this place by subway. This area around capital Urzak became a business center with lots of modern buildings.

"Kai, sorry that I made you wait." - a lively voice could be heard.

Kai looked in the direction of vice. There is been standing silver-haired young girl with a bag in her hand.

"Jeanne, you're right on time? I honestly thought I'd have to wait another hour"

"Mu? How rude!" - she pouted.

But it ended pretty quickly and she already smiled.

"Since I'm leaving to capital on next week, I'll make exception this time."

Jeanne E Anise.

She is somewhat tall, comparing to most girls of her age, and has slender figure. Together with long silver hair, her face gives off a dignified aura fitting to a model on magazine's cover. Kai's neighbour, 17 years old. Her long sleeved shirt and skinny pants gives a boyish feeling. But contrary to that feeling, it only gives her more charm as a girl.

"Let's go, walk, walk. Cadet, Kai! Crawl your way until that building!"

"In the middle of city?"

"I'm joking of course! It is just..." - Jeanne pointed at his clothes

Kai has been wearing MDA's uniform, and on his shoulder was a bag that could fit a battle rifle. But of course since it was middle of city, rifle was locked away in case.


"Aren't you off-duty today? Why are you wearing such heavy equipment, Kai?"

"Before our shopping I had a training on my own, after all."

"...I know, I know. It was a sarcasm. Good grief." - Silver haired girl laughed in astonishment.

"I guess among these who I could invite to enjoy off-duty time, you're the only one who wouldn't get fazed by it, Kai."

"You hanging out with someone during off-duty time?"

"No, I'm not! As I said I'm being sarcastic here." - Jeanne responded while pouting and poked his side with elbow.

Strangely enough, her voice had amused tone.

"...Well, I like this side of yours, Kai."

Then, they started to walk side by side. All around them were famous clothing shops and confectionery shops. Jeanne seriously looked around each and every one of them.

"I wonder which shop we should visit. It is been a while since I went out, I just cannot decide where to go."

"By the way, for what purpose we're here?"

"Shopping. For Saki and Ashlan" - and the names of his colleagues went out (To be honest here it says 同僚たちの名前が、ジャンヌの唇を伝ってこぼれた which is roughly could be translated as "Names of colleagues left Jeanne's lips" which sounds weird).

"With Kai, it would be for three people. And three of you have been thinking about preparing some farewell gift before my departure to capital(Urzak), right?"

"...You're asking me that?"

Bull's eye. Indeed they were thinking about her present. But it was Kai together with two of his colleagues who are supposed to shop for her gift and keep it secret until the fateful date. There is no way Kai could just answer to the person himself: Yes, indeed we're thinking about it

"It is fine, fine. I had exactly the same thoughts."


"Farewell gifts. Before I'll depart for capital, I'd like to make a present for you."

Multiple generations of Jeanne's ancestors were serving in top position of MDA. She was from renowned and elite family. Her father was one of the most renowned officer at Urza's MDA HQ. And grandfather was a great soldier who served as general at HQ. And then Jeanne, who was their descendant, is obviously going to rise in ranks faster than anyone among her colleagues. Beautiful 17 years old maiden that is bound to depart to capital. She is fastest in history to be promoted so quickly. And her story was even featured in news few weeks ago. There is even story going around that eventually she'll surpass both her father and grandfather.

"Oh yeah, now I think about it, with Jeanne leaving, lots of guys are going to grieve."


Both her colleagues and instructors were openly calling her like that. From a very young age she is been studying military leadership under guidance of experienced veterans. And even carrying leadership aptitude from generation to generation in her family. Together with her beauty, Jeanne already has been acknowledged by top brass in Urza's HQ for her charisma. To no one surprise, a notice about Jeanne's transfer to capital became a grave news to all of her male colleagues.

"Even Ashlan is down because of that. Saki is the same."

"...Well, most likely last time we'll be seeing each other after all."

"Aren't your transfer is for two years top? It is not like you'll never return."

After two years, when she'll become candidate for leadership position, they'll be able to have their reunion. There is no reason to be depressed. Or so Kai thought, until he heard her reply.

"When I'll come back, both Saki and Ashlan will finish their military service."

"...Ah, that's true"

Mandatory military service requires 2 years, and afterwards each among young people can choose own road.

"Guess the only friend left will be you, Kai, right?"

"Yeah, true."

People who finish their military service are bound to leave military. Probably only few exceptions, like Kai, would willingly continue their service in MDA.

"There are not many who would decide to become professional soldier, like me."

"Well, I want too, you know?"

"I know. You want to surpass your old man, right? Like how many dozens of times I heard this story?"

"Think you lost one digit, it is at least one hundred."

Walking under sunlight coming through trees, Jeanne made amused face (really not sure how to say it, but she is having fun).

"I've told this story so many times, that you already got tired of it, right?"

"Pretty sure once you'll surpass your father, he'll be very proud of you... But I'm pretty sure there are not many odd fellows like me who is going to continue serving in military."

"I know, you're always saying that watching over graveyard is your duty, right, Kai? Not to mention, we can never know when hordes of demons will appear. And that you want to discover Sid's sword once again."


Prophet Sid certainly existed. Mankind's hero who fought against non-human races heroes. Kai never ever doubted this story.

...Because I saw it.

...Ten years ago, Sid's sword was before my eyes.

Hero's sword actually exist. At demons graveyard. When he fell into depths of black pyramid, he definitely saw it. A sword that shine like a sun, surrounded by demon masses. And that feeling of desperation as he was trying to reach out the sword. This is all that Kai could remember.

"Well... I wouldn't say I cannot understand your feelings" TL Note: this is a bit confusing まあ……その気持ちがないわけじゃないけど

Why Sid's sword could be inside demons graveyard? While it was certainly a mystery, without a doubt that shining sword is definitely fits a description of Sid's legendary sword. Though the only who believes in it is Kai himself.

"Even if I to tell you about it, you'd only tease me about it."

"I wouldn't do such thing though?" - said Jeanne with a smile on her face.

"I'm serious."

"I really wouldn't make fun of your resolve. But, Kai, your cute sulky face is just asking for it."

"Yeah, Ok."

"How many years ago was that, I wonder. You suddenly told me: I saw Sid's sword! I think we were only around ten years old at that time. And since then we were always playing together."

While we were walking through crowd. The girl by my side suddenly stops when we reach the middle of road's crossing.

"Kai, you're the only one who played with me since our childhood, And even now you're walking by my side. Even after I'll return back you'll remain by my side as well."

She turns toward him. And her eyes, without even blinking, looks seriously at him TL Note: this is actually hard to translate. ゆれる双眸が、まばたき一つなくこちらの顔を覗きこんできた。

"Listen, Kai, about us. What do you think we're going to do from now on?"

"From now on...? Jeanne, you're going to capital for two years, and then you'll be back."

"Yeah... But I mean after that" she said and swallowed her breath.

She, who was his childhood friend and colleague, took a step further.

"Kai... What if I..." - and in that moment...

Jeanne's body started to become distorted.


"Eh? Kai, what is it?"

Like it is been only her reflection in water that got distorted, she replied as if nothing happened. But she wasn't the only one. Everything before Kai's eyes started to change. Surrounding him buildings, trees and bystanders, all started to distort and twist. Sudden wind followed it. Storm of black particles started around him.

No one sees it? This storm that is around us?

Just what's going on here!?

Kai looked up and could only see a sky that started to turn black. White clouds, as if being sucked, started to flow towards a single point. And even blue skies, as if being pulled by something, disappeared. All being swallowed into single black point in the sky.

Not only sky became its victim. Even distorted buildings, trees and people around. Everything from the ground itself starts being sucked in. Each after each follows inside and disappears. Like giant black hole, it swallows everything and everyone.

No one notices it?

It cannot be... Am I the only one who can see it?

And even the girl, his childhood friend, started to rise above surface.


"Eh? Kai, what's all of sudden? Calling my name in public like that... Could it be... Can I have high hopes then?"

Despite starting to float, she said with a smile on her face. Not even understanding what's going on. Before Kai's own eyes his childhood friend started was sucked into the sky.

"Jeanne, take my...!" - he desperately extended his hand in the middle of storm.

And at the same time, Kai lost his consciousness.

Activating World Reincarnation

Initiating World's Overwrite

As storm's winds calmed down, Kai regained his consciousness and found himself at the same crossing near 9th terminal. Alone. Jeanne, who has been right before his eyes, is no longer here. Dozens of bystanders and hundreds of people who were going in and out of shops, too were gone.

"...What's going on!? Hey, Jeanne? Jeanne, it is not funny how you're hiding to scare me!"

The 9th Terminal was completely empty. He wondered just what happened here. The road under his foot was crashed, as if something ridiculously heavy steeped on it. There is huge crater by road instead of trees. Most of the buildings had broken windows, and buildings themself were on a verge of collapsing It looks just like ruins. The landscape around 9th Terminal transformed into post-apocalyptic world.

"What's happening here...? Jeanne, everyone vanished..."

There is not even a single living soul. It was just too strange. In this absurd situation, Kai looked at metallic case on his shoulder. There was MDA's bayonet. Kai's instincts were telling him that he needs a means of self-defence, but the case cannot be opened without key from Urza's HQ. Looking for Jeanne and others can wait for now.

"It is not quite close from here, I need to hurry..." - he said and headed in direction of Urza's HQ.

At that time Kai could hear some stone being thrown in shadows of the building behind.

"Some noise? Is there someone!?"

Even if it would be only cat or dog, that's alone would be his relief. After all if there is something alive, then it means this place is still inhabited by someone. Which means eventually he'll be able to meet people here.

"Hey, anyone...?"

From the building's shadows, that has appeared. It was neither a cat or dog. Seeing this thing, Kai became speechless.


The creature that stood on two feets was over two meters tall. Its body was pitch black, as if covered in armour. On its back could be seen big black wings, and there below was snake-like tail. Its head's shape was triangular, which definitely couldn't belong to a human. And its eyes pupils were pure white.

...Just like 10 years ago.

...It is like these creatures from graveyard in which he fell.

Even since he became a soldier, he never ever forget about it. Since that time, he always thought that one day these monsters may crawl out of graveyard.

Jet black demons.

As Kai looked up, before his eyes was standing big monster.

...It is not a mech doll

...Just like that in the middle of street

There is no for a machine, that could be only activated at MDA's training grounds, to be standing here.

"" - unpleasant demon voice reached his ears. TL Note: a bit of improvisation.

It is been difficult to understand, but for certain it was a human speech.

"...A human? Here at this land?"

"It spoke!?"

It is been knows that demons, and heroes of four races were able to understand human language. But to Kai's knowledge, at most handful were able to to speak it.

"Human... soldier..."

Light shines. From the curves of demon's wings light started to appear. And gradually it started to become bigger in the middle of air.


It started to fire like a machine gun. While being slightly grazed, Kai quickly jumped to hide behind building's wall. The wall became scorched black from its fire. If he wouldn't be able to react, then likely Kai's whole body would shot, by these fire bullets, full of holes. TL Note: to be honest I think there wouldn't be much left


He was able to leap back just in time. Magic is a generally how people called miracle, or maybe sorcery, in ancient times. Any powerful magic could rival power of humans most powerful heavy weaponry. And there were monsters among high ranking demons that were able to continuously fire rains of such magic. It was first time Kai could witness a real thing. Being able to evade it'ss attack without a scratch is not coincidence.

...His body moved on its own.

In anticipation of this moment, Kai spent countless hours in trainings to fight against demons. Thanks to that his body adopted reflexes that saved him this time.

"...I have no idea what happened, but..."

He was certain of one thing. This demon is definitely not a machine, and clearly wants to bring harm to him.

"Bring it on!"

With a smack metal lock has been opened Demon's fire bullet wasn't able to hit Kai, but instead hit lock on bayonet's case. Thanks to broken lock, Kai was able to take out his bayonet.

"I'll be your opponent" - said Kai, while taking his bayonet, pointing its gun toward demon and placing his finger on trigger.

It was general purpose assault bayonet [Drake Nail]. This weapon has been developed by MDA against non-human races using records from Great War. And it is been modelled after Drake's nail from Cryptid race.


Traces of fire could be seen in air around demon again. Using its powerful magic demon created several times bigger "Fire bullets"

"are eyesore!"

Simplified elven bullet.

White light sparks. A bullet, that Kai fired, is semi-transparent and shines like a fragment of crystal. On its way, it disperse fire bullets entirely.

"!?" - Demon eyes widens in shock.

"Elven magic!?"

"No, it is fruits of mankind's knowledge."

Following Great War mankind created experimental weapon. Using special ore that could disperse magic, they created bullets which could disperse magic when they hit it. Literally erasing magic.

"During Great War, Elves used tools such as these, aren't they?"

But their magic tools were created using their own magic power. Since humans lacked magic powers, they had to replace it with a simplified version of elven bullet. From that came this name.

"Let's go"

As Kai was running through ruined road, all of the sudden a red circle appears under his feet. Its diameter was around 5 meters and it encircled Kai. Bright red tongue could be seen under there.


Pillar of fire arisen from within a circle and burned everything within it. There is no time to fire Simplified Elf Bullet. Kai judged so, and jumped from circle with a kick.

"...Evaded it!?"

"I've been training to fight against you demons!"

Kai slipped into demon's flank and dived his Drake Nail into it. Explosive burst. At where Drake Nail pointed, like a blooming red flower, a fire has sparked. Demon's gigantic body trembled under the attack and smoke, from its attack, covered demon.

"Let me tell you one thing. Mankind invented more than just Elf Bullet."

Demon fell. First time in history this bullet being used against non-human races. Its name is Simplified Drake Bullet. The idea behind this attack is to mimic actual Drake's fire breath. Once Drake Nail touches the target, a explosive attack fires off. And at this short range it should defeat non-human races. TL note: To be honest I think it should be actually pretty dangerous attack even for wielder of this weapon...

"...[Heavy breathing]"

Demon shown no sign of getting up. Kai looked at his numb, from the explosive attack, hand and heavily breathed.

...Just from shooting Elf and Drake bullets alone.

...His whole body have been trembled from the tension.

His first real fight, and first time he saw actual magic. If he'd hesitated even for a second, the fire magic wouldn't leave him with just a scratch.

"But it worked!"

All of his training until today finally paid off.

"I can do it... Even if it is a demon I can fight!"

Kai still couldn't comprehend just what happened here today. But one has become clear. With training even human could fight against mighty demons.

"You bastard, what are you?" - all of the sudden could be heard.

Weird noise of flapping wings abruptly ended Kai's joy of victory. Above his head could be heard a buzz from wings, it was much louder than that of some bird.

"Human...? Human who could defeat... my kin?"

Second one, it wasn't much different in its appearance aside from being smaller. With a height, comparable to Kai's own, it didn't look all that strong comparing to previous one.

But what with this this pressure.

Size-wise previous was certainly a winner, but it'ss speech shows a intelligence of a whole new level.

"What are you?"

"As you can see, just a human"

Kai's instincts were telling that this one is far more dangerous. So he carefully gave his reply.

"And you're surprisingly versed in human language, aren't you?"

The thin figure of demon was just looking at him from above. While remaining still in the air, its mouth that span from cheek to check moved.

"For us, as well as other races, using human language is convenient."

What it means by that? As if mocking Kai's questioning look, it continued:

"The best way to order around your slave, is to use their language."


Humans are slaves?

These words... Were the best proof as to why world has been in such cruel state. And answered any questions about source of this change.

We(humans) lost to non-humans?

"Her Majesty Vanessa said we already has more than enough slaves."

"Vanessa?" - Kai frowned upon hearing familiar name.

The Dark Empress. There is no mistake, it is the name of demon's leader and hero.

"...Dark Empress Vanessa!? That heinous demon?"

"Human, you smell like a danger. Die."

From the tip of demon's finger, light appears. Then sinister looking purple magic circle manifests itself. And from there lighting emerges.

"...Close your eyes!" - he heard a familiar voice.

In a instance he recognized the owner of this voice. And at the same time a strong light started piercing his eyes, which clouded his vision.


Demon's groans could be heard. It seems its eyes were suffering from directly looking at the light. TL note: The text doesn't say, but I assume Kai was able to cover his eyes in time


It was officially adopted by MDA. Flashbang is presumed to be effective against most of non-humans, with sole exceptions of spirits that hold special eyes. But who threw it? TL note: the wording in original text is a bit weird here

"Here! We should leave soon, otherwise we're going to get overrun by demons!"

Was it human? Turning his back to blinding light, Kai run toward a beckoning figure.

"Get on! It might be strong, but it cannot lasts more than 10 seconds"

TL note: To be pedantic, in reality the flashbang light disappears immediately after initial bang And aside from blinding eyes, it actually also uses very strong noise to affect your hearing. So actual flashbang would not only blind immediately but also make him unable to hear anything.

In his still blurry vision, a figure of girl, extending her hand, emerged. And then he has been pulled inside armoured vehicle.

"Got a wandering guy. Ashlan, let's go!"

"On it!"

Wheels are starting to rotate at high speed. And vehicle starts getting away from demon with terrific speed and noise.

"These demons may be able to fly, but their flying speed is not great. There is no way for it to catch up with this car... So you can relax now... But oh well... I think we might lost few years of life just now."

Girl moved to nearby seat and let out a big sigh.

"But really, do you even value your life? Where are you from? Did you escape from demons? Your clothes certainly doesn't look like they belong to prisoner. Rather than prisoner, you look more like us."


"Eh? You know me?"

The girl looked puzzled and amazed. She should be around the same age as Kai. With a look of natural airhead, she had short orange hair and big eyes like that of cat. Small fangs could be seen in the corners of her mouth. And she has freckles on her cheeks.

Saki and Ashlan

There is no mistake about it, she is one of his colleagues from the same unit.

"What do you mean by do I know you? It's me! You saved me here, Saki. I have no idea what's going on."

"I mean, who are you exactly?"


Both of them are looking at each other. Just yesterday she was training together with him. There is no way he could mistake her for someone else.

"You're Saki, aren't you? Saki Miscotti... right?"


"You're currently undergoing military service in MDA..."

"What's that?"

She titled her head in puzzlement and then lifted her gaze towards driver's seat.

"Hey, Ashlan, did you hear about it? This MDA, is there something like that in Urza Federation?"

"Nope, never heard about it" - answered a young man, while easily handling car.

Looking at him, there was no mistake. It is the same Ashlan from his unit.

"Hey, Ashlan, you're Ashlan Highrol, right? Stop with this awful joke. It's me, Kai Sakuravent!"

"Did we meet somewhere in past?"


He was speechless. There was no better words to describe his current state.

"You really... don't remember me?"

"Did you actually meet me somewhere? But well, you know my name though." TL note: Saki's line

But of course. They've been together in the same unit more than a year by now.

"You like gums with orange flavour. And you hate coffee flavour. You're also proud about how flexible is your body. And that you can spread your legs in 190 degree splits."

"Eh!? Wait a minute, how you know about me that much?"

"As for Ashlan, you always have been having troubles with motion sickness. So you never would get into car without getting pill before that. Despite that you're driving..."

As Kai started to say, he suddenly noticed it. Ashlan is driving? That was impossible. It is always been him or Saki who would drive us to graveyard, while Ashlan himself would just take a nap in passenger's seat.

"Ashlan... What about your motion sickness?"

"Huh? I got over it long ago, obviously."

Their armoured vehicle has been going on high speed through these ruins. He is been driving skilfully on this ruined road, full of wreckage. It could be that Ashlan was even better than Kai himself at driving.

"In this world, not being able to drive car will easily get you captured and enslaved by demons, you know? Talking about motion sickness in such situation... Eh? Hey, how do you know about me having weak semicircular canals?"

"Knowing about my favourite flavour of gum is quite weird too" - Saki nods in agreement.

"Just who are you?"

"...You really don't remember me."

These two are without doubt Saki and Ashlan, and it doesn't seem like their memories were altered. Despite that...

"Wait a minute... What is going on here?"

Only he alone has been forgotten.