Depths of the elven forest. Animal trail, which was illuminated by the deep green sunlight. Farin, stopping her feet, turned off the radio.

"Jeanne-sama, I've finished contacting our unit at the forest's entrance."

"How is it?"

"While it is now hard to get through due to the distance, but I was able to report that we're safe. I also requested Io communication unit to work on improving the connection."

"...We'd have to report our triumph after all."

Jeanne tightened her lips. In order to ensure that their report this morning was not their last call as well, they had to complete their end of the deal with the elves, retrieve Dante alongside his subordinates, and return back.

"Is the break over?"

Elven shrine maiden Reiren, who was sitting on the ancient tree's root, asked.

"Then let us proceed. We are almost upon our destination."

"...We've been walking for over an hour, but are we really close?"

Kai called out her, who was about to turn her back to them. His hand shouldering Drake Nail was already sweating quite a lot. They had been following serpentine animal trails, thick areas filled with ancient trees and had even crossed a river within the forest. Yet they still hadn't reached their destination.

"I think we should be able to see the angel palace now."

"I see it. Look."

The elven girl pointed above their heads. Their view was obstructed for the most part by branches of the towering ancient tree, and the sky could be hardly seen from within the forest.

"The angel palace is up there. The floating fortress built on top of the ancient tree. It is the finest work of elves, dwarves and fairies. Which we already told thee."

"...Above there?"

Shadow covered them from above. He thought it was the shadow of the ancient tree, but he didn't expect it to be that of the angel palace.

"It is not the only floating fortress of the angels. Hovewer it is called the angel palace, not only because it is so high. It is also the home of Alfreyja-dono... Now, here it is."

The elven girl tore a leaf off the ancient tree. And there was a magic circle. As she touched it, a huge magic circle of bright light rose from the ground. It was a magic with double triggers. Before one could activate the teleportation gate, they had to activate the small magic circle hidden on tree's trunk.

"It might be a weird thing to ask for me, but is such a complicated device a countermeasure against humans?"

"Well that's quite a question, isn't? We are enemies." TL Note: I feel like I didn't express Reiren here well enough, but to be honest it is kinda difficult to get her meaning here よくもまあ堂々と聞くものじゃ。ワシらは敵じゃぞ

The girl, who stood on the ancient tree's roots, turned towards him with a bewildered look. She answered with a faint smile.

"The answer is [Nay]. We hold no fear towards humans. The only one we regard as dangerous are demons and cryptids, then spirits."

"Demons were also the same; they completely ignored humans."

"...Kai, I see what thee meant by this question. If angels are not regarding humans as danger, then it is likely that there will not be many guards inside the palace ?"

"Yeah. Besides angels are probably placing the majority of their floating fortresses alongside the Io national border as well."

The same attitude as that of Urza's demons. They are focusing their power on the borders, as they are wary of invasion from other races.

Then we have more than enough chances to return alive.

After all the number of angels inside the palace is definitely not that big.

After securing the elven elder, they would just escape before angels come rushing in from the other floating fortresses.

"So thee shall return back alive?"

"Even you think the same, right?"

"But of course. As long as we are not discovered by Alfreyja-dono. I wouldn't take such measures otherwise. Like this."

The elven girl used the hood of her travelling attire to conceal her face. Her figure was concealed by a mantle. It was quite big as she had her seven layered spirit garments under it, but with such an appearance it was difficult to recognize her as an elf.

She used a special perfume to mask her elven odour as that of human, And put on a necklace that suppressed her magic powers.

She erased all elven traces in her appearance. And right now she looked just like a human girl in travelling outfit.

"How is it? With this even if angels would see me, they'd never think I'm [an elf who is guiding humans]."

"Yeah, then only humans are going to fight with angels. And you'll remain neutral."

"That's right, we shall not assist the angels and neither will look for opportunities to strike thee. Elves will keep their promise."

Teleportation magic circle. Elven girl stepped into light of the so-called gate.

"Come, Kai, thee are first after all."

"Of course."

With Drake Nail in his hand, Kai lined up with the elf.

If it is a trap, then stepping in with everyone would mean our complete annihilation.

I alone will confirm if it is safe, and then the others will come along.

It was a decision they had made last night. If Drake Nail is loaded with elven bullets then it is capable of erasing magic power. Moreover with Code Holder as his trump card, even if Kai would be surrounded by angels, he would still be able to fight against them. That's why the scouting duty fell onto him.

"Hey, Kai, wouldn't it be fine for me to go first?" - asked Rinne with uneasiness in her voice - "I'm strong, so even if I get surrounded..."

"If only Rinne remembered how to use the radio... Not being able to contact us after going in would make it meaningless."

Putting his hands on her shoulders, Kai responded with a joke.

"...I'm leaving you a dangerous role. I'll be praying for your safety."

"Once I confirm it is safe, I'll call you."

Responding with these words to Jeanne, Kai stepped into light of magic circle.


TL Note: Text on picture イオ連邦 古代樹海南端ー秘境「天使宮殿ゲシュタル ロア」. Translation: Io Federation Southen tip of ancient forest - Unexplored region [Angel palace Gestalt Roa]

Sky... Before his eyes, ears and all other senses, it was his skin that felt it. He felt wind, that was fluttering his hair, with his whole body. Kai looked around.

He was far in the skies. Looking down he could see elven village among sea of ancient trees. He was so high, that he could overlook the horizon. That was where Kai stood.

"...This is angel's floating fortress?"

He was astonished by current altitude. And the feeling that it gave. Standing here he could overlook the whole ground down below. Which made him feel almost like he climbed the top point of the world.

"See, we made it without troubles."

Elven girl, who was hiding her face behind hood, sighed as she put her hand on waist.

"There are no angels waiting to ambush, and no danger of thee to be entrapped."

"...This place is?"

"We are just behind the palace. Right about when shadow should cover the place, so it is good spot to remain hidden."

There was dome like gigantic structure. As Reiren told Kai has been transferred behind the palace itself. Looking carefully around he didn't see any sign of angles. But...


"No... Wait, what is this smell."

Kai and elf voices overlapped. As strong wind, which was raging at top, changed it's direction towards back of the palace, both of them felt bitter smell. It was smell of something burning. And even though it was hampered by the strong wind, they could hear some noise in direction of the palace.

"Kai, hold on calling thy friends here, something is wrong."

Elven girl put out her hand gesturing to hold on. She went towards the palace's front alongside the white wall, which was made out of unknown metal.

"...This is... Just what happened here!?"

Shrine maiden was looking courtyard in front of the palace entrance. [Angel Garden] was there occupying more than half of the space. It was a beautiful vibrant and lushful paradise, full of greenery and flowers, but now it was painted by deep bright red colour. Angel Garden was set ablaze.

This was a floating fortress that wasn't supposed to be invaded. Yet now, it became gruesome place akin to a purgatory, with blazing fire raging. It was abnormal. But regardless it was obviously not a trap of elves and angels. Because Kai could see multiple bodies of angels lying down across the wide courtyard.

[Kai, what's going on!? Report...!]

He heard Jeanne's voice from the radio. They might feel something is wrong since Kai and Reiren already climbed to Angel Palace, but had yet to contact them.

[Kai, hey Kai!? What's happened!]

Rinne cut in.

"...It is all right. Both me and Reiren are safe, and there is no traps also."

There were blazing flame and fallen angels. And glancing at bewildered by this scenery elven girl, Kai mustered his voice:

"Anyway you should get up here. We definitely have abnormal situation here."

I have no idea what's going on - Kai reported with husky voice and tightly grasped the radio device.

"They are still breathing, so whoever did it had no plans to kill them. But there are signs of torture. They were attacked in a way to inflect utmost pain."

Angles who fell face down, all were wearing so called heavenly garments, which was special kind of spirit garments, common among angels. And the attacks that they received were strong enough to knock them out even through the spirit garment.

"As their comrade, it pains me to leave them as it is, but this is our chance."

Reiren sighed after looking at them for a while.

"It it perfect time to sneak into the palace. Moreover, looking at how violently was destroyed the courtyard, I cannot imagine it is safe inside... We must not delay, follow me!"

She quickly put back her hood and run. And she was fast. Despite her small build, her legs, which stomped the grass, strength wasn't inferior to human soldier.

"How many hundred years thee think I've been running through our forest? It might not look like that, but I've been training."

TL Note: こう見えて鍛えておるわ I think author shortened last sentence quite a bit? But correct me if I'm wrong.

Elf said with a smug. Even though she was speaking, her speed never dropped down as they were crossing angel palace main gate. Then sidhes girl jumped into opened window in palace wall. The window had no glass to it. Most likely it was just a [hole] to let in wind and sunlight.

"Inside palace may be passages, but there was no floors, right?"

"That's right. For angels who have wings, floor would something akin to bird perch. There are only few such places in entire palace."

Elf asserted in response to Jeanne, who was running in parallel with her. Only angels, who have wings, were coming into the palace. So to say it was one big pitfall via which anyone without wings would fall down to the forest. It is likely also measures against demons, cryptids and spirits.

TL Notes: Seems a strange countermeasure to be honest, but that's is written by author...

"But then we'd be troubled. Dwarves, fairies and elves do not possess wings."

Among sidhes were their comrades who walked ground. For their sake Heaven Lord Alfreyja prepared special pathway. And right now through exactly such pathway Reiren was running.

"Jeanne-sama, it is a fortunate for us." - Farin whispered - "Without elven guidance it would be extremely difficult for us to storm this floating fortress."

"Looking back it might be thanks to Dante."

TL Note: 元を返せば is used here which kinda similar to 裏を返せば

"Quite hasty, do not forget that human life is in my grasp."

Said elven girl who was running through empty corridor. Walls, floor and ceiling. Everything was made of transparently white metal. Being polished like that it looked just like marble, but as he could feel elasticity through his boots. It was marvellous metal that was both sold and soft.

"Rinne, is that light in ceiling due to magic?"

"Yup, but I do not find it unpleasant so I don't think it is a trap. Since there is no need to use magic to light the place during daytime, it might belong to divination system."

Said Rinne who looked up at the magical pattern on surface of ceiling. It blinked at the same time as they passed under it.

"It is barrier. Which would seems to shine as soon as someone other than angels would enter. It shined all the same when we with elder passed through."

"Then we are trespassing here?"

"Guards would notice, but they are not going to come here. Remember the time at courtyard."

TL Note: I don't get this one ほれ、あの中庭で倒れておったうちの二体じゃ, need to complete it

For a short while it became quiet. Heavy footsteps were echoing through the corridor. Each and every of them fell into silence and were looking for words - Such silence wrapped the angel palace.

There were more than dozen defeated angels in courtyard.

Just who was this guy who came before us and defeated all of them.

Someone from other races? But if that would be the case, then as soon as someone would cross Io national border, he would be discovered by angels floating fortress nearby borders. And elves would notice any suspicious person in the ancient forest. So this time it wasn't the case.

"I can think of two possible scenarios."

The one who broke the silence was female warrior, who was running behind Jeanne.

"First is that captured elven elder broke out on his own."

"That's not the case. Thee should understand that if he'd done it, then it would result in war with angels."

"Then the second possibility..."

"Let us hear it."

"It is possible Heaven Lord Alfreyja himself punished these angels in courtyard."


"W-what do you mean, Farin-sama!?"

Elven shrine maiden remained silent. And the one who shouted in surprise were Saki and Ashlan, who were in the end of their formation.

"It is just process of elimination. This fortress is highly difficult to invade from outside. Only their comrades sidhes can enter: elves, dwarves, fairies. And if they are not perpetrators, then the only possible answer is angels themself."


They followed the path which suddenly took turn to the right. There was a door, which is likely locked by magic. Elf remained silent as she crossed past gigantic 4 meters tall door and continued running.

TL Note: I'm a bit unsure what author means by 大きく右に曲がる通路 to be honest

"Alfreyja required submission out of others among sidhes, right?"

"...That's right."

"But that was only Alfreyja demand alone. Difficult to image that all other angels agreed with his idea. There should be some who objected for sure."

Alfreyja punished his disobedient subordinates. That was her speculation about felled angels in courtyard.

"Argument?" TL Note: I'm a bit confused here. Because 異論 means argument/difference of opinion, but the flow of conversation also allows for it to be her asking for basis of the Farin's theory. Especially since Farin responds with ない, but it feels weird?

"Yes, and if we're talking about possible scenarios, we cannot deny that it is the most likely scenario."

To that elven girl replied:

"I'm no longer capable of comprehending Alfreyja-dono. Otherwise I wouldn't disguise myself as human in order to save our comrade."

Elf slightly shook her head.

"...We're already here. Going through a teleportation gate beyond there we should be able to reach underground level."

The corridor was ending here. Elven shrine maiden put her hand on tightly shut door and light patterns enveloped her body.


"There is no need for a worry. This door requires magic power in order to be operated. See, it is opened."

This bulky metallic door, which looked like hundred kilograms heavy, was wide open. His first thought was that it is a place of prayer. In the big round hall was standing altar of brass colour. Both walls and ceiling had many windows, and bright light shined throughout the wide room. This light...

"Battle axe - Hundred wind sonatas." TL Note: Ok, I have no idea what to make out of it 戦斧・五百箇の風破.

It blown off in front of light that shined through the ceiling. It's white surface collapsed. And from there massive winds down poured onto altar, smashing it into pieces. Remaining strength of wind scattered against all surrounding walls. It affected not only Kai and other humans, but even Reiren who was supposed to belong to sidhes.


Elven girl received incoming pebbles with her whole body. As her hood was lifted, both her face and beautiful hair were exposed.

"Oh dear? My my, My my." TL Note: It is ara-ara type of girl.

From broken ceiling, winged sidhe has descended. It was angel with four wings. Beautiful female angel with cold grey eyes and wavy hair of flax colour. In her hand was battle axe, clearly not suitable for such delicate arms.

"I was wondering just who brought filthy smell to our sacred palace. After all it was you. Elven shrine maiden Reiren Leil Racheliel" TL Note: Full name レーレーン・レイル・レーチェリエル, don't think it is going to be used often.

"...Battle Angle Vicious" TL Note: Name tells everything you need to know about this angel, sensei is really kind here, comparing to Reiren full name.

Elven girls wiped blood from her mouth by a back of her hand.

"Thee... What did you say just now...?"

"Are your ears just for decoration? Even though they are so big. After all surface creatures are the same. Just animals that crawl on the ground."

"...Even thee."

On elf's face wasn't displayed anger, but rather sadness and astonishment. She was standing there in shock, not believing into betrayal of old friend.

"Were thee depraved by thirst for power!?"

"Depraved? What are you saying."

Said female angle with battle axe in single hand. TL Note: This one is actually weird for me 戦斧を片手に浮遊する女天使

"I'm but a servant of Heaven Lord Alfreyja-sama. Everything I'm doing is for the sake of that person."


"Ah, right, let me tell you something very good. Shrine maiden Reiren, you appeared at quite good time."

Angel with very beautiful face made a distorted smile.

"We shall start execution of elven elder immediately. And it will be done by Alfreyja-sama himself."


(Reiren) screamed without voice. With her fair skin, her expression looked deadly pale as if she loosed all blood.

"Wh...what is meaning of this!?"

"This will be a lesson. Even elves would learn own place once your elder will be dead. And of course the same goes for dwarves and fairies."

"This would troubling."

Instead of elven shrine maiden Reiren, it was silver haired knight who stepped forward.

"I'm Commander Jeanne. Not planning to explain the whole situation here, but elder is under our protection."

"A human? Shrine maiden Reiren, to bring humans into this palace, you're already sinner beyond salvation. After all there was no mistake to Alfreyja-sama's judgement."

Angel, with battle axe in her hands, flapped her wings.

"Angles stand atop of sidhes. Every other race are nothing more but a slave. If you're going to defy us... Then I shall eliminate you with my own hands!"

She raised above her head battle axe of mercury colour. It was magic tool - once it receives angels magical power, this weapon could materialize paranormal phenomena in the world just like magic.

"O, axe clad in storms, tear apart these people."

She didn't meant to use axe's blade to strike. Angel, who was clad in winds that were just like small storm, dived in from the broken roof. And she swung down her axe towards Jeanne and elven girl who stood just behind her.


"...Surge" TL Note: Not sure how to translate it 迸れ

Bright red pillar of fire appeared. From below came slashing attack which deflected her battle axe. Moreover from the floor itself fire arose and followed towards angel, clad in winds.

"My attack!?"

Vicious was now enveloped by fire.

"Tch, what a impudent human, to go against me...!"

"I've been told it many times. By both demons and cryptids. But it is first time from angel."

Female warrior, who responded to her with sarcasm, carried crimson shamshir. From the sword's point were coming out fire, almost like a lava. And the blade itself wasn't work of humans, but [Drake's Tooth]. It was fang left by drake in land where cryptids were rampaging. It's impact was creating violent burst of fire. And that fire surged forward toward Vicious.


Gun shots could be heard. Behind Saki and Ashlan readied their guns and started firing. And despite having strong divine protection, Vicious stepped back to avoid being shot.

"Jeanne-sama, please go ahead."


She pointed with pair of her shamshirs towards back of the altar. There was door leading to another room.

"This angel's magic tool has wind attribute. And my dragon tooth has the best affinity with it. With two of our subordinates we should be able to deal with her."

"For humans thee are quite good."

Elven shrine maiden Reiren placed her hands on the door. As with the entrance here as soon as the door received her magic power, it started to open.

"I will not let you!"

"Hey, we'll be your opponents!"

Ashlan, who was firing barrage from his machine gun, was keeping angel pinned down. Angel's body wasn't much different from that of humans and elves. She couldn't avoid injuries if she'd be shot, so Vicious had no choice but to focus keeping her divine protection.

"Go, Kai! We have Farin-sama so we'll manage somehow!"

"Thanks. Jeanne, Rinne!"

Together with both of them behind him, Kai followed after elven girl with all of his strength. They could hear echoes of gunshots and blazing fire. And as raging winds sound disappeared - chapel's doors were closed.

"Angel's leader, just how low did you fell!"

Elven girl took off her travelling clothes. There was no longer any meaning in pretending to be human. If she'd continue hesitating here, it would mean getting elven elder executed.

They were in one long and big pathway. Both on left and right they could see nine columns. Total 18 columns were lined up along their way in this passage.

Reiren was taking a lead. Following by Kai, Rinne and Jeanne. The lighted passage had not even a bit of dust floating around. Atmosphere was completely stagnant and no sound of insects or animals could be heard.

It is too quiet.

This silence is just omnious.

They run while carefully observing columns of 2 meters diameter. It wouldn't be strange for angels to hide themself behind these gigantic pillars.

"Reiren, are there any other angels we should be aware?"

"If thee are asking about angels who are loyal to Alfreyja, then the answer is [all]. Among angels in angel palace everyone hold respect for Alfreyja."

On other hand, sidhe already inflicted punishment upon such subordinates. And cruelly thrown them out into courtyard.

"If among these who we still haven't saw, then that would be archangel Raphael."


Rinne suddenly stop. As if searching for something she looked at ceiling and then started looking among 18 pillars.

"Hey, Kai, I'd like to rest here."


"W-what are thee saying, little girl!? Just a bit more... There we shall reach that Alfreyja. Look, there is light magic formation, once we'll cross it, we'll be there."

TL Note: I'm a bit unsure what author means here 光の方陣

Shrine maiden turned towards her with mix of anger in her expression. Even Jeanne behind her was taken aback.

"What are you going to do if other angels would appear! Even though it is just a little more and we're there."

"Nah, I'm resting."

"This girl....!?"

"Shut up, stop talking. Hey, Kai, I'm going to take a rest but it is ok for you to continue going."

He had a sense of deja vu.

[...It is all right. I'll be ok so.]

[Go, Kai. If you'll remain with me, they'll continue chasing you. Go up and wait for me.]

It was during their operation in Urza's capital. On the girl said, he left her behind surrounded by demons and climbed to the top floor of government palace. Only Kai and Rinne knew about it.

"Rinne, are you really..."

"It is nothing really."

She replied with extremely bright smile on her face.

"Go ahead. After I'll rest I'll catch up with you."


He added more strength to his hand on which shoulder was his Drake Nail. And placing his hand on shoulder of elven girl, who was still fussing, Kai pointed to the end of passage. There was formation of ascending lights, just like water fountain. Many many light circles were appearing out of it and ascending up.

"We just have to go there, right?"

"Yes, no doubt about it. I entered through it once."

"Got it, Jeanne are you ok too?"

"Of course."

Tightly grasped her silver sword, commander of Urza Resistance stepped forward.

"Let us challenge the sidhes hero."

"...Who would think it would come to this."

Elven girl started climbing the stairs As she reached 13 step and touched the formation, her delicate body started slowly floating.

"Hey now, thee should follow already."

"Kai, one thing."

While he was in the middle of climbing the stairs.

"I'm really sorry for leaving you the most dangerous fight with Vanessa. I wanted to say it always..."


"This time I'm going to fight together with you."

Knight, who dressed like a man, exhaled. Tightening her lips, she made last step on the stairs together with Kai. And then towards light magic formation...


Angel palace. Highest floor - Sky hall [Azure True Heaven] TL Note: 蒼き真天 another weird one, need to think of a proper name?

There were the infinite blue skies, without ceiling or walls. Other than the solid floor under their feet it was a place fully exposed to the skies.

It was on the same lattitude as the enormous clouds and there were no obstacles to the wind that washed them away. Their hair and clothes were fluttering in the wind. It felt as if they were standing on top of some many thousands meters tall enormous spire, or maybe they were [in the middle of skies]. And then...

"The heavens are overflown with anger."

An arrogant looking angel with six wings was standing there right in the center of an altar. It was the awe-inspiring tall figure of a floating angel, with flax hair similar to Vicious'.

His amber eyes reflected strong will and wisdom, and his body was well built. The Foreign God's hero, wearing blue heavenly garments in addition to white one, was standing there.

"You who are wingless, you who crawl the ground, you who look up at the heaven. Why cannot you obey? Like the healing rains falling onto the ground from the skies, or apples falling down from trees, everything given to the earth is a blessing from the heavens. Why cannot you comprehend this providence?"

Said the angel who was looking up at the skies.

"This is why we are standing at the top."

Behind him was a cross, stuck to the floor. This enormous thing that could fit an entire human, was rather a coffin in the shape of a cross. The cross was red and semi-transparent... Locked up inside was a struggling figure.

"Now we shall commence execution."

Without any emotion. Just like a child observing insects under his foot, the angel proclaimed dispassionately.

"That is, execution of the elven elder."

The elf, locked in the cross-shaped coffin, was still alive. He was trying to yell something, but the coffin let no sound escape.


The elven girl roared.

"Scum like thee has no qualification to lead the sidhes. Neither elves, dwarves, fairies or angles. And now I shall be the one to deliver thy ending."

"W-wait, Reiren!"

"Don't stop me, human!"

Reiren shook off Kai's attempt to restrain her and stomped on the floor. But without a doubt, her eyes were dyed by a deep fury. Heaven Lord Alfreyja tightly grasped something in his hand. And then with a cruel smile, the angel said:

"Let's deliver heaven's justice."

In the angel's hands was a brass coloured baton, which he then pointed at the approaching elven girl. Magnificat [O, Sacred star, descend upon the earth]

A large and sinister sword flew in. It was a sword named [Sacred star], and its blade was bright red. Having neither guard or hilt, it was a sword consisting of only a blazingly red blade. It was a magical sword with a blade length of over 10 meters, and was capable of easily cutting the elf's whole body into halves.

Reiren was yet to notice its approach as it was coming from her blind spot above her head. And what's more, its speed was just too fast.

It wasn't casted whe she started to run.

Was it prepared at the time when we came here?

There was no room for further discussion. Heaven lord Alfreyja had no intent other than killing them here.



Feeling that something was wrong from Jeanne's voice, she looked up at the sky. It was already late.

The blazing sword was already before elven girl's eyes.

Can I cut it!?

It cut through the demon's magic. But there is yet an example of it working against angel's magic tools.

This hesitation of his stopped just about when it was becoming too late. There was no time to waver.

"Code Holder!"

Sid's sword. As Kai called the name, his Drake Nail transformed into the divine sword in the blink of eye. The black steeled bayonet became a transparent sword of sunlight colour.

"Get down, Reiren!"

[Code holder severs the Fate. Now, cut fate of meaningless deaths out of the world.]

Aiming at the crashing in red sword, he raised his sword of sunlight colour overhead. They clashed. At the moment when blazingly red and sunlight touched each other, the red sword broke together with a big explosion. It dissipated into myriad of small flames and disappeared.


The elven shrine maiden turned back in shock. And she wasn't alone. Even the elven elder, who was sealed inside the cross, became astonished. They wondered: did a human's sword destroy Heaven Lord Alfreyja's magic tool? It wasn't a regular sword, yet it wasn't elven magic weapon either, they understood it at first glance. Then their question was: just what is this sword in Kai's hands? Moreover...

"A human covered for an elf?"

The floating angel squinted at him.

"Protecting the elf. Such an act is beyond my comprehension. Are you really human? Or could it be that you're an elf that pretends to be one?"

"No, I'm a full fledged human."

He stepped forward in front of the dumbfounded Reiren.

"There is nothing strange about it. If by some tiny chance elves hold a grudge against us for her loss, it makes sense to help her."

"It is just not balancing out. Your own life against the life of this insignificant elf."

The angel stared at Reiren with disdain.

"There might be some secret to your sword, but a tiny misstep is going to turn you together with that elf into dust. Staking own life is just not worth it."

"I'm confident enough, well, not absolutely though."

They exchanged gazes. Standing right in front of the descending angel, he meet his judgemental gaze.

"This is a sword that could stand against the demon hero's magic. Challenging you with it is not impossible."


While remaining silent, Alfreyja's shoulders jolted a bit.

"I heard such rumours... About the demon hero being defeated by a human. I surely thought it was impossible, but... Huh, I see, I see it now"

The angel shook his shoulders greatly.

"That filthy demon, just how foolish she was to be defeated by a mere human."

"I wonder about that."

"What? Are you conceited this much?"

"That's not what I meant. What I want to say is, are you really in position to call Vanessa a [fool] yourself?"

Demon hero Vanessa is the enemy of humans. The one who destroyed their capital and enslaved humans. She also held no remorse towards wronged humans. But...

"At least she didn't start punishing her own subordinates."

"This is what I have decided."

The angel sneered.

"I'm standing at the highest in heavens: the most noble and brightest star. I have not even a tiny bit of desire to call these, who go against me, my subordinates."

TL Note: damn this guy ego

"This what we call narrow mindedness. Cancel disguise - [Moon Bow]"

A light appeared from Jeanne's sword. As it wrapped her sword completely, it started to transform into an extremely beautiful bow with many gems engraved in it.


The bow creaked, letting an arrow loose and distorting air itself.

"Is this an elven bow!?"

Heaven Lord Alfreyja turned mid-air. The moment when arrow pierced through the wind, the angel's left eye became a little strained. His left cheek was slightly cut. Jeanne's arrow was able to penetrate the angel's powerful divine protection.

"Human, do you understand what it means to use elven magic weapon with your body?"

"Easy, it consumes my life."

The knight answered as if it was something obvious, but...


Kai had heard about her elven magic equipment. The origin of her Light Knight title are her spirit garments and elven bow. And in special cases even people without magic power are able to use it.

But using one's own life?

He hadn't heard a single word about it.

So it made him wonder if it means that the price for using elven magic tools was her own body.

"Jeanne, that..."

"We'll talk later. First we have to beat down this angel."

Said the Knight while preparing the second arrow.

"And I'm also curious about your sword. We win and after that we will properly talk!"

"Disrespectful people."

The angel spread his six wings. And then covered in the hundreds of fluttering feathers, he swung down his silver baton.

Magnificat [Heavenly Zhen Lighting]

Lighting surged. In the blink of an eye, in front of Kai's eyes light went through Jeanne's whole body.

"...Miracle Light!"

While being struck by lighting, the knight shouted out with hoarse voice. Under her armour Jeanne's thin silk dress lightened up and weakened the continuous lighting attack.

"These are elven spirit garments, and have extraordinary resistance against magic. You should know that pretty well."

The lighting disappeared. Although she fell to her knees, the knight gritted her teeth to keep her consciousness.

"Sidhes hero uses magic as source of power. As long as you're using a magic tool, this spirit garment makes for the best counter measure against angels."

Since this equipment belongs to sidhes, angels took no measures against it. Originally it was impossible to think of angels and elves fighting against each other.

"Weakling, to whom are you saying it."

Angel started humming.

Magnificat [Look, at the glorious light of judgement]

Lighting attack, that was directly coming from the skies, touched the multiple fluttering feathers in air, and in that moment they split into hundreds of light threads.


It was no longer a single lighting attack, now it became a rain of lighting. The blue sky became dyed in white/yellow colours of lighting. Soon after, lighting stroke down onto the ground, but now it downpoured from every direction. One after another lighting striked at Jeanne's spirit garments. The lighting strikes were increasing in number, and were aimed at Jeanne, who was in front of Kai. They were coming from all directions. This number wasn't something that one could cut with Code Holder.

"Seven ladies defence formation! Three ladies, come fourth!" TL Note: she says so even if it sounds weird, I cannot help.

Her seven layered spirit garments fluttered like a mantle. The elven girl who took off her seven layered garments, threw three of those layers. In midair these silk layers started to emit a faint light and loosen up, and their threads formed a light pattern in the middle of empty space.

It was a wide range protective barrier.

This circle became like a parasol above Kai, Jeanne and Reiren's heads and started to reflect back the downpouring lighting.


"I'm but returning a favour. Sorry, but I have no plans to be in debt of humans."

The girl, who now had her white shoulders exposed, turned away in embarrassment.

"Still the power of Heaven lord Alfreyja's magic tools have no bounds. Even I do not have the confidence to defend against all of it. Therefore to overcome this..."

"How about making it four on one?"

"That's right. For a human thee got good head on shoulders. Come along!"

The elven girl started to run. Not delaying for a second, Kai ran straight ahead through this windy place almost immediately. Towards the blood red cross. If they could release the elven elder from the sealing coffin, this battle would become four against one.

"Is that so?"

But Heaven Lord's expression didn't change at all. In his hands appeared a trident. He then threw it at the elven girl, with its three silver prongs aiming at her.

"Tch, the same thing!"

Reiren used one silk layer of her garments to defend. But, the silver trident easily pierced through its defences.


Elven shrine maiden Reiren's spirit garments [Seven ladies defensive formation]. Being knitted from ancient tree leafs and Reiren's own hair, the magic tool was able to defend against up to seventh offensive magic attacks by absorbing it. It could defend even against demon's hellfire, and yet it just got torn apart...

"Spear of God's wrath. This magic tool was created in order to pierce through magical defence."

As the trident was about to touch the elf's chest...

"You underestimate humans too much, angel!"

Kai's Code Holder mowed down horizontally at the trident, and it rolled down making a strong noise. It was now Jeanne's turn to fire at the angel with her arrow. And as the angel fended off it with his wing, Reiren finally reached the cross. Execution casket. Inside the semi-transparent and reddish coffin was a struggling elf.

"Just wait, elder!"

Reiren gripped in her hand a knife, which shined in the colour of full moon. It was likely a similar to the 「Spear of God's wrath」 magic tool that could break through magic defence. Holding it tightly with both hands, she swung it down.

It broke. Fragments of the silver knife danced in the air, spilling over her shoulders. These were fragments of the broken knife.


She was certain that it would be able to pierce through. With a mix of despair and disbelief, she looked down at the remnants of the knife in her hands.

"This was our greatest treasure! Why..."

"The gap between our powers is like that of heaven and earth."


The elven shrine maiden turned over while clenching her teeth.

"What is the meaning of this! This is but too weird. Thee, just where did thee acquire this power!"

"Reiren? What do you mean?"

"I mean, he captured our elder. In human terms he would be a [hero rank] and the elder's power is close to that of Alfreyja. So I mean the power that would be required to lock up the elder is enormous. In all actuality this casket would deplete a lot of this bastard's magic power."

Otherwise it would be destroyed. So sealing elven elder should consume a lot of magic power, and yet heaven lord continued to fight.

"Yet, despite that, that guy used four magic tools in addition to this casket!"

Blazingly red sword, brass baton. Silver rod that could summon lighting rain. Besides that, in addition to the silver trident that could destroy magic defence, Alfreyja himself wore heavenly garments.

Certainly, it seems absurd.

Just how much magic power this angel holds to carry on like that

For sidhes the organ that produces magic power, is not capable of invoking magic directly. Therefore they have to make magic tools to serve as their weapons, that are capable of creating pseudo magic spells.

"The efficiency of magic tools is hardly high. Thou magic powers might be great, but definitely not to this extent!"


"Answer me, Alfreyja. Is this power the reason behind thou sudden change!?"

"Sudden change?"

The angel who was floating in the air started to descend. As his feet touched the floor, all of a sudden a strange black hole appeared there.

"It is different. My newly acquired subordinates brought me great joy in replacing you."

Something started to crawl out from within the black hole. It was a bizarre and alien creature that was mix of different races. Seeing its appearance Jeanne swallowed her breath, while Reiren took a step back.


"Wh-what is this monster...!"

The one who appeared was a girl whose body was partly destroyed. While her appearance was that of human girl, on her right shoulder was tentacle which looked like a snake's body. On it's back was skeleton wings and it had two heads. This was...

"The rasterizer from that time!?"

TL Note: If I remember correctly even Vanessa mentioned Alfreyja name when she got attacked by that thing, so not sure if Kai has to be surprised here.

He remembered their encounter at the graveyard. It was the same specimen as the one who appeared in the place where Rinne had been sealed. One could only wonder if this thing chased them up to Io.

"Rasterrizer? You mean the one that appeared during your fight with Vanessa!?"

"Jeanne, you must not approach it. The same goes for you, Reiren!"

Once again his whole body was filled with dread. It was giving off an abnormal sense of discomfort. Regardless of how many times he had seen it, the creature was bizarre.

"Oh-ho? Human, you know my subordinate?"

The angel's brow raised in pleasant surprise.

"Then we can omit introductions."

"Hero Alfreyja, if this is indeed your subordinate, then I have something I want to ask."

Towards angel who wore a smile of derision.

"Are you the one who behind all of it? The world reincarnation."

Once the rasterizer appeared to keep Vanessa, who started to regain her memories, silent. And surely since this monster is his subordinate, that angel must know something about world reincarnation that Vanessa tried to speak of. Or maybe that angel was indeed the culprit behind it, whom Vanessa mentioned about.

"What are you talking about?"

In response the sidhes hero returned a dubious look.

"This is my new power. And world reincarnation? What is it?"

"!? I was wrong, you're not the one behind it, and know nothing about world reincarnation!? Then what about Sid? Do you know nothing about prophet Sid!?"


The angel furrowed his brows. As he put his hand on his forehead, his expression became distressed.

"Sid... Prophet Sid. I guided him."


"...I... Guided, that human."

Suddenly, the angel fell to his knees. In that instant, Kai witnessed something even more bizarre.

Angel palace, corridor with 18 pillars. It was filled with light. This was the passage among the blue skies that led to heaven lord Alfreyja. There single pillar has collapsed.

Roaring sound and dust filled the place. Rinne's magic completely destroyed the pillar from its center to ground and sky. Under the dancing clouds of dust, an enormous pile of rubble arose.

"...How terrific, it even broke through my divine protection?"

From under the hundred kilograms pile of rubble crept up the figure of a giant angel. His height was about three meters. Each of his bulky hands were thick as Rinne herself and swelling with muscles. That was archangel Raphael. The angel who introduced himself as such was checking his heavenly garments, his whole body had marks of a great battle.

"What an unexpected menace you are. Trespasser, who are you?"


On Rinne's back were tenma wings. The archangel already understood that Rinne's body held factors of multiple races, including sidhes and demons.

"Archangel Raphael."

She looked at the giant from air.


Rinne said, as if spitting.

"My attack didn't work all that well. I know it."


"I hate this composure of yours. All angels are the same with their condescending attitudes."

Angels' defensive powers. In contrast to demons who specialized in releasing their magic outside, angels, who were unable to do so, used their magic power to strengthen their bodies. Was it like steel? No, it was even more powerful. Neither Rinne's dragon strength nor magic could fatally wound him. Moreover the only wound, that she was able to inflict, was already healing.

"Like a moving fortress."

As a guardian of this sacred pillared road, he was a close aide of Heaven lord Alfreyja. If Rinne who was aware of this angel's presence, didn't stay behind, Kai and the others wouldn't have been able to take even a single step. Which would have given enough time to complete the elven elder's execution.

"And what about you? Is this really all of your strength?"


"The nature of your mysterious chaotic magic power. Then those wings. I also feel the strength of cryptids in you. Just what is your true nature and the source of your power?"

"I don't know, and don't even want to know."

She continued living without knowing it. As long as Kai was with her, she didn't even think about wanting more. Once she discovered... Instinctively she knew that her life would become more difficult.

"Mysterious creature, you shall not pass here."

Archangel Raphael's war hammer. Using an enormous amount of magic power, its single attack could create an invisible wave of destruction that could turn opponents into dust without even touching them.

"...I hate it."

The pillar behind Rinne. The aftermath of the previous attack completely crushed it as if it was just paper thin. Despite her talk, this scenery gave her a sense of crisis.

"Since you're strong I'm no longer going to go easy on you. And I don't care what happens afterwards."

"Come already, chaotic one." TL Note: I'm still unsure how to translate 混沌種

The angel raised his hammer overhead. Rinne started creating god-like lightings from her tenma wings.

Magic tool VS magic spell. Against magic tool, which was casting pure white light, multi-coloured chaotic lightning attacks roared within this big passage. And then they clashed. Both Archangel Raphael and Rinne bounced off into air and crashed into pillars.

", it hurts..."

While staggering, the winged girl stood up.

"How dare you to do this to my wings."

Receiving the attack from the war hammer, she wasn't able to walk straight. She frowned as she was staggering along the wall.


Said with anger Rinne, who glanced at giant who fell down on his back.

"Even if you pretend to fall down, I'm not going to get deceived by that."

"...Why you think so?"

"If you're so beaten that you cannot move, then how come you didn't let go of your war hammer?"

Rinne glared at the angel's magic tool. Even now archangel Raphael was tightly holding his war hammer. He still had the strength to spare, so it wasn't clear when he would be rising.

"Sadly, I have no idea what you're complaining about. You, trespasser, defeated me. That's why you can go ahead already."


"Further ahead. If you do not hurry, the elder might be executed. Hurry on."


"I understood your strength well. There is also Reiren, so if you join forces, it might be possible for you to free the elder."

"Did you let yourself to be defeated on purpose? Even though you're Alfreyja's subordinate."

"Who knows... This is not something I can tell you by myself."

Archangel Raphael's real goal was a [test]. Whether there is someone who holds the strength to go against the angel's leader who had suddenly changed. And then Rinne displayed even more than the required strength.

"Alfreyja-sama... changed. Everything started at that time..."

"That time?"

"I'm referring to that monster called rasterizer. As soon as it appeared, our leader suddenly changed. And so we, battle angles, had to put up with it, waiting for an opportunity."

"The elven elder is our old friend. Why would we wish for his execution?"

As a sign of truce, she dropped down her battle axe. Battle angel Vicious who sat down along the wall had look, full of sorrow.

"Human, this much is enough. I'll pretend to not notice you, so go ahead." TL Note: I'm not sure how to understand この場限りにおいて

"You're quite careful."

Farin didn't relax her stance.

"I fought against invaders and suffered a humiliating defeat... While on surface I might be loyal to my master, behind the scenes I was trying to devise plans to rescue our allied races."

Still Vicious wasn't planning to withdraw so easily. At least once she seriously attacked intruders. Farin's whole body felt it as there were countless small wounds from the winds of the battle axe.

The same could be said about Saki and Ashlan. They were trying to hide themself in the corridor, and were still out of breath from the difficult battle. They were nervously staring at the angel.

"Really!? You are not planning to attack us as soon as we turn our backs to you!?"


The angel's fingers traced her battle axe. The big weapon disappeared right in front of Ashlan. She completely let go of her weapon. With this, her ability for a surprise attack disappeared too.

"I-it is ok now, right? Ashlan?"

"Y-yeah, what should we do now, Farin-sama?"

"I'm the bodyguard of Jeanne-sama."

They could only go ahead, while she was preparing to answer, she didn't take her eyes off the angel.

"I fought and lost. That is all."

"Which means you let us go. And what if as result, the sidhes hero gets defeated?"


At Farin's provocation, angels eyes were lighted with anger. But that was only for a moment.

"I doubt it is possible for humans... But, even if by some miracle it does happen, it will be result of Alfreyja-sama's own will."

For the sidhes alliance to collapse due to internal strife would be the worst possible scenario. Compared to that, even if Heaven lord Alfreyja would fall, there will be hope to revive their races' alliance. This was the bitter result of discussion among close aides of Alfreyja.

"Our plan doesn't change. Saving the elven elder is our utmost priority. It will be up to Jeanne-sama how the battle with Alfreyja will end. Let's go."

Giving a signal with eyes to both of her subordinates she started walking. Just before that.

An angel's cries of agony, shook the whole palace.

"Alfreyja-sama!?... What was that... This magic power...!"

Vicious, who was sitting down, jumped. The beautiful female angel fixed her gaze above at the ceiling with fear in her eyes.

[Unforeseen state of 'shock' is detected in sidhes hero. Estimated to be the effect of prohibited word 'Sid'.]

[Executing 'Zero Code']

[Hero Alfreyja 'code' to be erased from the world.]

The angel screamed... It was a scream due to attack of the creature that he called his [subordinate].

"...You bastard!?"

At the roots of their wings was the organ that produced magic power. And the monster crushed this vital organ of the angel with it's hand, forcing him down onto the floor. Even though heaven lord Alfreyja boasted great physical strength, the rasterizer monster was able to overpower the angel.

"Are you rebelling against me!?'

"Wha-what is meaning of this? Is that thing not his ally?"

Both the elf and the knight were petrified. And then in front of Kai, who was holding the Code Holder, the angel became surrounded by a black whirlpool. As it appeared, at once it started to close in on the angel.

[Zero code]

Erasure. As soon as the black whirlpool touched a part of his body, it started to disappear as if letters disappearing by eraser.


Under great pains the angel was agonizing. Being completely defenceless and unable to attack back until the very end when his body completely disappeared. It took only several seconds to end. And then with a falling down noise, only the angel's magic tool which was in his grasp until the very end, remained rolling on the floor.

"...I...What am I looking at right now?"

The elf's whole body was shaking. Jeanne, who was nearby, and the elder, still sealed in his coffin, both became pale. Among them only Kai alone kept looking at this tragedy while clenching his teeth.

It is the same.

The same as with Vanessa.

The only difference was the result. Even while being taken by surprise, Vanessa was able to strike back. But Alfreyja was different. Thinking of the rasterizer as his subordinate, the angel's response was too late. And due to that he lost any chance of counterattack.


At last the ragged doll figure sinked into the black hole like a bottomless swamp, and disappeared. Same as how the sidhes hero had disappeared.

Alfreyja vanished.

This... can it be even called our victory?"

Looking at the results, they at least were able to survive. While it was certainty a bizarre event, their first priority was freeing the elven elder. That was what everyone thought.


From within the black hole in the floor, something started crawling out.


There was a six winged angel. While his heavenly garments were somewhat rugged, most likely due to Zero Code, the unchanged figure of great hero started to crawl out of the black hole.


"Wait, Reiren!"

The angel looked strange. Jeanne, who noticed strangeness in the sidhe's hero, stopped elf.

"Look at his wings. It looks to me like the feathers are falling over..."

Little by little, feathers of all his six wings completely fell off. Even when spreading the wings, feathers would remain in the air, it was obvious proof that something was off. It had lost all strength. Just like leaves falling off a tree. Just like muscles disappearing from a strong body. The wings, which lost all feathers, which were beautifully white, faded...

[I'm Alfreyja reincarnation. Now resuming the role of sidhes hero.]

In the angel's eyes there was no longer any light of consciousness. The wings, from which the feathers fell off, became a mere shadow of itself. Dark circles appeared under his eyes, his cheeks lost some weight and even his steps weekend. Despite that...

"What is this? This bizarre magic power...!"

At the root of his wings was light, even more brilliant than before. Its god-like shine made even Kai to be awed in fear.

[I'm Alfreyja. Its avatar.]

The angel who lost his wings continued his monologue. It wasn't the Heaven Lord. Now there was no trace of the angel left, instead it was appearance of a fallen angel.

[Only I alone am sacred. Only I belong to heavens.]

Fallen angel Alfreyja. It no longer could be described by a mere change to a character. It was a complete overwrite. After witnessing this transformation, that was Kai's only impression.

Is this the same phenomena as the one that over-written the world?

The hero has been over-written. Is that it!?

[Now I see.]

He spread both of his hands and looked up. He used his hands as if to replace the no longer moving wings.

[Everyone except me. First I ought burn down all corrupted sidhes who walk the ground.]

It was the declaration of war. It was the announcement of complete [genocide] of all sidhes from the fallen angel Alfreyja.